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What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, commonly referred to as “Clear Bra”, is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. It is applied on the vehicle’s surfaces to protect paint from rock chips, road debris, scratches, abrasions, scuffs, insects, bugs, bird droppings, stains, acid rain, UV rays and any other substances that can damage paint.

clear bra PPF



Model PPF-R1 PPF-S1
Material TPU TPU
Thickness 8mil 7.5mil
Top-coat Thickness 12.5um 16um
Base Material Thickness 150um±8 150um±8
Adhesive Thickness 37.5um 23um
Liner Thickness 85um 85um
Color Transparent/Clear Transparent/Clear
Effect High Gloss, Mirror Smooth Finish High Gloss, Mirror Smooth Finish
Tensile Strength 352kg/cm² 14500g/25mm²
Peel Strength 75n/cm 85n/cm
Elongation At Break ≥110% ≥110%
Impact Resistance Test Pass Pass
Chemical Resistance Test Soap Mixture (Pass) Soap Mixture (Pass)
Anti-fouling Test QUV, 1000HM&G Strongest Marker Pen (Pass) QUV, 1000HM&G Strongest Marker Pen (Pass)
Maximum Temperature Test 110℃, ≥5 Mins. 120℃, ≥10 Mins.
Acid & Alkali Test Oxalate, 72H (Pass) Oxalate, 72H (Pass)
Durability Test QUV, 1000H QUV, 1000H
VLT 92% 92%
Size Per Roll 1.52*15m 1.52*15m



1. High Tensile Strength and Puncture Resistance.

self-healing tpu car clear bra

2. Self-healing, Anti-scratch and Durable.

Noyark TPU paint protection film has self-healing layer, if you get minor scratches and swirl marks on it, just apply heat and its gone, this property adds long durability (5-10 years) for PPF.

3. Anti-yellowing.

Noyark clear paint protection film bra do not discoloring or turn yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

4. Anti-corrosion.

Noyark transparent automobile paint protection film is resistant to corrosion, acidic contaminants and harsh chemicals to protect against bug splatters, bird droppings or acid rain, etc.

5. Anti-fouling, Super Hydrophobic and Easy to Clean.

Noyark easy clean clear bra paint protection film prevents the adhesion of various dirt, by excellent decontamination property, you can just wipe the dirt off or clean it up during normal car wash.

6. Uvioresistant.

UV exposure causes your car paint to dull/faint over time, Noyark PPF protects your vehicle paint from oxidative fading.

7. Virtually Invisible.

Noyark high transparency paint protection film is virtually invisible once applied on the car, its durable optical clarity provides almost invisible protection for your car painted surfaces, meanwhile, gives your car a shiny and high gloss look.

8. Removable.

Noyark invisible bra PPF leaves no trace of its adhesive on your car.



car paint protection film product structure

ppf clear bra


1. The Automotive Paint Protection Film is widely used for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and other types of vehicles. 

2. The Instant Self Healing PPF is typically designed and installed to protect your Vehicle’s Hood, Fender Panels, Headlights, Taillights, Front & Rear Bumpers, A Pillars, Mirrors, Rocker Panels, Door Edges, Door Handle Cavity (Door Cups) and any other vulnerable paint areas.

ppf car paint protection film

clear tpu paint protection film installation



1. Most Obviously, Protect Your Vehicle!

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film is the most effective way of protecting vehicles from environmental, physical and chemical damages.

clear bra paint protective film

2. Keep Your Car Looking Brand New!

Clear bra protective paint film is used by anyone who wants to keep the surface of their car looking pristine.

3. Maintain & Increase The Value Of Your Vehicle!

You expect the vehicles to be in pristine shape when you walk into a dealership, the same goes for when selling or buying a second hand car.

It’s much easier for you to sell your used car, what’s more, you can get preferable resale price because the clear bra PPF maintains the beautiful sheen on your car.

4. Save Money Both In The Short Term & Long Term.

The invisible bra brings you minimal maintenance, fewer and easier car washes, which can save your valuable time and money.
All these benefits in the end all boil down to one thing, saving you thousands of dollars!



1. Imported TPU Base Material.

Noyark best paint protection film with strong ductility and tensile strength, flexible with good toughness, it’s easy to apply.

clear bra  

2. Imported Glue.

No adhesive residue left, you can tear the Noyark PPF off without damaging factory original paint.

invisible paint protection bra

3. Extraordinary Yellowing Resistance.

Noyark ppf car paint protective film comes without yellowing or cracking.

4. Long Warranty Period.

Noyark offers 5 years standard warranty from the date of purchase, which cover defects like yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering, and delaminating. Prolonged warranty is also available.

5. Strict Weather Resistance Test.

Noyark ppf tpu paint protection film has been strictly tested under different weather conditions in many countries and areas.

ppf test


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