Self-adhesive Smart Film Installed Successfully In Estonia

Product Name: White Color Self-adhesive Smart Film.

Project Location: Estonia.

Total Area: 4.7 square meters.

Order Quantity: 1915 x 628 mm, 1 sheet; 2010 x 871 mm, 2 sheets.


One of our customers from Estonia has purchased 4.7 square meters self-adhesive smart film from us on February 15th, 2020 and he just installed these switchable smart film recently because of his previous busy schedule.

Today we received his feedback and we’d like to share his experience as below.

self-adhesive smart film feedback from customer


transparent switchable smart film  opaque switchable glass film



How to get a accurate quotation of smart glass film like our Estonia client?

1. Measure your glass surface length and width. Below is the measurement picture from our Estonia client.

Why it is important for you to measure the size?

Reason A. The smart film can be cut precisely in our factory.

Reason B. The Maximum width of self-adhesive smart film is 1.8m. If your width is above the value, we can know how to divide it into smaller size.

Reason C. We can use more suitable packing to save your shipping cost. Express shipping cost of smart film switchable is charged by volume weight (width*depth*height/5000) if actual weight is lower, so the smaller packing size, the lower shipping cost.

2. Determine the busbar position, short side (width) or long side (length)?

Generally busbar is on the short side.

3. Inform us which glasses are at the same area or needed to be controlled at the same time?

We need this information to confirm the power supply transformer capacity and quantity.

smart film installation site


Is it possible to integrate the smart tint film to smart home system?

Yes, it is possible.


How to control the PDLC smart film separately?

Our Estonia client asked the same question. Do you have some “plug and play” options for that with different channels to operate films separately?

multiple channel smart glass film for smart home

Our multiple channel controller is available for you to operate smart film individually, please check below diagram and videos for reference.


smart film with multiple channel controller